Learning Bass Fishing

If you want to excel at bass fishing, then you’ll need knowledge and experience. This is something that is huge in North America because there are plenty of spots in the US and Canada. If you’re new to the sport, then you can look for forward to a lifetime of relaxing enjoyment. Included in this short essay are some time tested strategies for bass fishing that will help you land a big one.

Rod and Reel

There is some strategy and important considerations when shopping for the ideal rod and reel for bass fishing, plus some of the best setups can be totally confusing to the novice angler. You wouldn’t think that’s the case but it’s true, and you don’t want to be handicapped because you’re incorrectly using your gear. If you buy all kinds of things you don’t need, then you’ll be stuck with it and it can be a drag when fishing. What experienced bass fisherman do is find out what they need for their purpose and then shop with that in mind.


Not all bait is treated or used in the same fashion, and shad is one of those instances where this applies. The technique part of it comes in because you will have to know how shad swims and acts in the water and then emulate this the best you can. As you can rightly guess, your job is to make the shad look as natural as possible when it’s in the water. Vary how you do this and what you’re looking for is finding the right speed, and you’ll know when you get it right because you’ll start getting some bites.

Fishing Tricks

Bass are just as sensitive to various pressures and sounds like others, so you have to be careful in how you approach them. At least you can enjoy your bait options since they’re pretty much swimming garbage disposals. And you have to think about what you’re doing too because smaller baits will be what they are waiting to see in the early season. Of course, live worms are very effective but be careful with the hook size, and you’ll use a smaller hook set with smallmouth bass than you would for largemouth or the spotted bass.

If you truly love fishing and especially bass fishing, then you’re in a sport that can never get old or boring. Thankfully, there are thousands of places available where you can go angling for these great fish. And that’s just in the US since there’s Canada and even places in Europe known for terrific bass fishing.

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