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The idea that being overweight actually wasn’t unhealthy got a big boost in 2013 when a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association reported people overweight by up to 30 pounds were less likely to die earlier than those at normal “healthy” weights. Upon further investigation, the study was proven to have major flaws and was disproven. Even further, decades of good research has shown that obesity leads to serious health problems in life. Those extra pounds make you more susceptible to things like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, even dementia. This is a scary fact, but over one third of American’s today are considered obese. It’s important that you know your body well and look at it realistically, if the number on the scale shocks and scares you, maybe it’s time to make some change in your life. Weight loss is something a lot of people try and fail at, mostly due to lack of effort or commitment. But with that said, losing weight isn’t easy and it’s not to be underestimated by any means. Even when losing weight, you need to be careful not to lose too much, so it’s all about finding that middle ground that works well for you.

Healthy Lifestyle

Weight in itself isn’t the main issue, it’s the way this weight is distributed through the body. Take a 375-pound body builder for instance. Say for instance they have 3% body fat. This person may be “overweight” but they aren’t at all unhealthy because most of this mass is muscle. Now on the other hand take someone that’s 5 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds with 20% body fat. That doesn’t sound like a huge amount of weight, but on such a small frame it’s actually extremely overweight. It’s all relative and case by case here. Now everyone wants to lose weight for different reasons, maybe you just want to look better, or maybe you just can’t sustain the amount of money you spend on food and medicine to keep yourself alive from eating all that food. Medical costs associated with obesity are on average thousands of dollars more expensive per year than normal. Even more so for an obese child who is obese their whole life. Being overweight even cuts down on your energy and productivity at work, so you may find it harder to find and keep jobs. Employers will also be wary of hiring someone that looks unhealthy, to them that’s just another cost to pay. Most people want to lose weight to better their own personal health. The hard work is in getting down to your target weight, from there as long as you eat well and exercise regularly the weight should stay off with no problems. Self-discipline is so important when it comes to weight loss.Image result for weight loss

A surprising number of people believe it’s okay to just try and drop as much weight as quickly as possible. Like a UFC fighter trying to make weight. What they may not know is how dangerous and temporary this is, those fighters get back up to their regular weight by the time the fight starts. Evidence backs up the theory that those who lose weight at a slow controlled pace like 1-2 pounds a week keep that weight off better than those who lose it faster. Now weight loss is not as simple as cutting some sugar out of your diet or adding in some exercise here and there, it’s a lifestyle change. Even a moderate goal like losing 5% of your bodyweight is a great step in the right direction, that alone can improve blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure right off the bat. Even if your end goals seems like it’s a lifetime away, just remember you’re on a lifelong journey. The new physical activity and eating habits you pick up will stay with you for life. Studies have even found that those who went through significant weight loss felt better physically but also has increased energy levels, better mobility, better general mood, and way more self-confidence. Sounds like nothing but good stuff results from weight loss!

Living The Best You Can

Not everyone is built the same, thus not everyone is going to gain or lose weight the same way. Some people can eat whatever they want and never gain weight, others can lose weight just by watching what they eat, but some have to work out with weight loss Cary NC for hours to see results. Just because you didn’t win the gene lottery doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your absolute best, it just means you’re going to have to work hard for it. All you really need to do is fit an exercise routine into your day and eat healthy, and you should start seeing improvement.